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A translation should mirror the original (source) text and be well-understood by your audience. I can help you make that possible!

Not everyone who knows their native language or mother tongue well can be a good translator. To be a good translator requires skills (technical, attentiveness, speed, comprehension, etc.). The translator should not only master the target language (the language you want your text translated into) but also should know what the source text (the language of the text to be translated/the translated text) conveys.

I am a conscientious and detail-oriented translator whose special interest and passion is to provide accurate, high quality and culture-oriented translations. I have proven research skills and possess a wide range of printed materials. Whether it be translation, proofreading, localization or cultural review, I always do my job in the very best way.  

I work in close collaboration with my clients as well as with other translation experts. I am a member of Tagalog Localization Team of and of "Tagalog on Target (c)". Other relevant information about me may be obtained at and TranslatorsCafe.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or fill this form to discuss your requirements.

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