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Contact Information

Postal address

Bee Services, "Le Chamois", Chamossiere, 74230 THONES, FRANCE


Local: 04-50-02-10-52

International : (+33) 4 50 02 10 52

e-mail, informatics services

In-charge of informatics services: Joseph BERAUD

e-mail, language services

In-charge of language services: Leny BERAUD

e-mail, miscellaneous

Please use the addresses below for non-professional mails only, and use the one you think the best for the subject of your mail. This helps us in the classification and treatment of the mails, but if you really don't know what the best one is, you can put anything and your mail will still reach us and will be taken care of.

jibe, jibe74 (for all that concerns informatics - non-professional)

Joseph - personal (for all private mails)

Leny - personal (for all private mails)

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